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Hi, our Steele County Astronomical Club meeting will be Thursday, April 5th at 7pm at the Owatonna Public Library.  I'm really getting excited about the Messier Marathon on the 20th ( with the 21st as back up in case of bad weather). The summer's club events are starting to come together.  We will be updating our names and addresses and collecting dues for next year---$10 adults and $5 for members under age 18 and for the second or more members from the same family.

1. Club roster--Gene Kispert
2. Dues--Heyward Sease
3. Leo The Lion-- The constellation of the month--Neil Tryhus
4. Be a part of the Messier Marathon observing night-- logistics of the evening--Dale Niedfeldt
5. Report on stars and visiting observatories in Texas--Jim Zimmerman
5. A plan for the Messier Marathon--an observing list & planning sheet --Dale Niedfeldt
6. Donation from Truth and recommendation for it's use--Heyward Sease
7. Directions for finding the Messier objects and how to find the Virgo galaxies--Dale Niedfeldt
8. How to find out the exact field of view of your eyepiece using the stars--Gene Kispert
9. A family picnic? volunteers to organize?
10.Update of monthly sky events--Gene Kispert
11.Checkout of club scope?(Bring to Messier marathon)