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Steele County Astronomical Society

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MEETING..........Thursday, December 6th at 7pm
The agenda: 
1. What causes auroras?--Gene Kispert
2. Report on aurora displayon Nov 5th--Jim Postlewaite
3. Astronomy 2002 Calendars for $6--Dale Niedfeldt 
4. Clothing & cap orders-If not ready by meeting time, will be ready shortly--Neil Tryhus
5. College Introductory Astronomy Class--Gene Kispert 
6. How to get good star trails--Jonathan Troe
7. Discussion of Leonid Meteor Shower--Everyone (bring pictures if you took some)
8. Treasure's report--Brian Vaillancourt
9. Another Comet Linear--Dale Niedfeldt
10.Geminid Meteor Shower on Dec 13th
11.Monthly sky update--Gene Kispert
12.Constellation video--Gene Kispert