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Steele County Astronomical Society
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Thursday, October 4th at the Owatonna Public Library

The agenda:

1. Weather calendar--Heyward Sease
2. Backyard Astronomy class--Dale Niedfeldt
3. Report on 4-H Club presentation--Grant Quam
4. Club observing night--Fri. Oct 12th at R/C Modellers site--Dale Niedfeldt
5. Orionid Meteor Shower-Sat. Oct 20 at R/C Modellers site--Jonathan Troe
6. Beginning photography & photographing meteors--Gene Kispert
7. Club logo and ordering t-shirts,caps, etc,bring a check so you can order--Neil Tryhus
8. Order Sky & Telescope and/or Astronomy Magazine for $29.95 each--Dale Niedfeldt
9. Club planning meeting report
10.Monthly sky update--Gene Kispert
11.Next month, bring your Chrismas gift list ideas
12.Astronomy video--Gene Kispert