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Steele County Astronomical Society
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Thursday, Arpril 4th 

1. Report on planetarium trip--group comments
2. Update on Comet Ikeya-Zang--see it the end of April--Dale N/Gene K
3. Jupiter is changing--Sue J/Grant Q
4. Messier Marathon all nighter on April 12th--Dale N
5. Constellation of the month--Brian/Alex V
6. Club flyer to promote our club--Gene K/ Dale N
7. Treasure's report--Brian V
8. Begin paying dues for next year--To Brian V.
9. Monthly sky events(the planets are awesome)--Gene K
10.Video-History of Telescopes--Gene K
We'll have our club calander of events for the next 6 month to hand out if you missed getting one at last months meeting.

Clear Skies!