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Steele County Astronomical Society
Steele County Astronomical Society
   Affiliated with the Astronomical League
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Member Pages

This section shares a variety a views, short sories, and comments from club members.  
  • 1-06-04.
M & M’s

This is a short story about the Meetings of the Minds. When I came to the first few meetings I felt I had fallen into a boring, nerdy group. "I knew nothing." I still "know nothing", but at least I feel more comfortable with the "nerdy" people and know enough to know what questions to ask. Friends that know me are getting that glassy eyed look more often when they mistakenly ask a question about my "Astronomy" (usually they say Astrology). I have learned to answer their questions in about 2 or 3 sentences. They do not understand why I would leave my perfectly warm house to stand outside in the dark, with many layers of clothing, to look at something (just dots of lights) in a small eyepiece. They do not understand the thrill of looking into an eyepiece and see something that can only be seen in a book. My poor hubby, one of my earliest glassy-eyed victims, has patiently let me talk about things with foreign words like nebula and super nova. He doesn’t understand my hobby but he backs me on my decision. He still asks questions and his glassy eyed views are getting less frequent, but to leave a perfectly comfortable home in the middle of the night is still beyond him.

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